Nayu OS gives users the ability to use their Chromebooks without being chained to Google’s ecosystem. It also adds a couple of nice features that other Chrome OS alternative don’t have.

What is it?

Nayu OS is a project from Nexedi, an open source software company based in France. Nayu OS was created with the goal of taking advantage of the speed, low price point and portability of Chromebooks without being tied to Google services and proprietary software.


Built with Developers in Mind

While Chromium OS already exists to be an open alternative to Chrome OS, Nayu OS goes one step further by adding tools for developers. Nexedi originally created Nayu OS to aid in developing their other projects. They decided to release it to publicly for others to use.

The developer related features include:

  • Removal of SSH daemon from running by default
  • Git support
  • IPv6 support, even on ISPs that only support IPv4
  • node.js, workarounds needed for npm to work
  • Google Account not required to login
  • Python support
  • Open source ERP

The developers are working on a several of new features including:

  • WebDAV server support
  • GPG command line utility
  • Zeroconf over Babel


Because Nayu OS is disconnected from the Google ecosystem, certain standard ChromOS features are turned off.

  • No Flash support
  • No external device support
  • No chrome web apps
  • Documents can’t be stored on Chromebook
  • Can’t install packages
  • Can’t execute custom binary

The Nayu OS project exemplifies why FOSS is so great. If there is a piece of software you use, dollars to doughnuts there is a FOSS alternative available to keep your data safe and give you more features.

I’m a developer, so this OS does appeal to me. However, I appreciate the fact that someone is taking Chromebooks and making them do something useful. This OS make the Chromebook platform an inexpensive way for someone to become a developer.

Have you tried Nayu OS? Does this sound like something useful to you? Let us know in the comments below.


source:it’s f.o.s.s.


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