This Life

This Life

One my friend share this note and happy to share this with all of you…. hope you love  this

And then comes a moment in life when we start escaping from ourselves, hating everyone out there, and ignoring those few people who really do care for us.

One day everyone is there for us and the very next moment, life seems like


blurring all around. We want to change ourselves but our bad, we fell in it. Everything feels like dooming, the sun, dawn, the horizon, everything.

We are loved, used, betrayed and trashed. But the world never stops, neither the sunrise and sunset. And there are us, sitting in the corner, sobbing on the every non-sense happened to us.
What are we crying for? For the people who gave up on us, or are we cursing our fate? No, this happens to everyone and that is the only way of living out here, even some are there who suffer with more fatal dilemmas in their life. We should be happy that we were not in the plane which crashed or the gas station which burnt down, leaving no one alive.
This great life is nothing but a soup of beautiful lies and ugly truths. 🙂

© Shubham, 2015


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